Mount Amiata boulder - Up-Climbing

Mount Amiata boulder

Monte Amiata (1732 m) is a beautiful volcanic cone located in Tuscany, which divided Valdorcia from Maremma.
The marvellous area is well worth a visit, and fans of bouldering can find additional attractions!
In this short article, Beniamino Chiesi,  a strong climber who moved from Florence to Santa Fiora on the slopes of Monte Amiata, and then real "local", presents us this bouldering area, which is  very interesting with a good selection of blocks scattered in a forest of chestnut trees . 

The video is shot to the "Case Marchi”, an area discovered and enhanced by Beniamino with the help of several friends.
“"Few are the places that I’ve seen and I liked so much  to think I could live there: if those places are also full of boulders  to clean and  walls to bolt , then the Monte Amiata is the place to move and try to create something new.
In Mount Amiata I rediscovered the pleasure of climbing, through research and discovery of new areas. Clean, test, free blocks and bolt new routes is a routine that you can not do without, once you get inside there.
On the Amiata you can climb all year, just choose, depending on the season, and altitude exposure ( range from 700 to 1700 m), plus you can also quickly climb even if  it has rained for days, as most of the blocks dry in record time.
Even before I moved, other climbers from Florence and Siena discovered and cleaned some areas such as the "Chiesina" or "Colle Vergari," where even Michael Caminati did the FA or  repeated a few problems, but only by living here you realize the potential that offer these woods full of beautiful blocks, easy or really hard projects. In the future, I’m sure that will come out of a really interesting area. 
The photos and video of the blocks refer to the "Case Marchi" where by now have been cleaned only 20 blocks.
"Case Marchi", which is potentially perhaps the largest area so far discovered, is just under 1000 meters altitude, the boulders  are immersed in a spectacular forest of chestnut trees, that, being private, must be respected and kept clean! You can climb all year round except in July and August (too hot) and October (collecting chestnuts).
For more information about this and other areas you can contact us at: or go to Santa Fiora, at my inn located in the center of the village We are open every day from Tuesday to Sunday from 18:00 to 24:00, if you find my girlfriend just means that I went to climb, but have faith that sooner or later come back …