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Miss Oh Kangchenjunga’s summit claim is “unlikely”


On 26 August, the Korean Alpine Federation, composed of seven climbers, six of which had already reached the summit of Kangchenjunga, examined the evidences of the ascension of the mountain by Oh Eun Sun and declared is “unlikely” that the climber he has actually reached the summit.
On 27 April, Miss Oh had climbed Annapurna and became the first woman to complete the series of 14 x 8000ers. The Spanish Edurne Pasaban, as well summiter of all 8000ers, had raised doubts regarding Oh Eun Sun’s actual ascent of Kangchenjunga. Miss Hawley, the undisputed authority and editor of the Himalayan most comprehensive database, recorded the ascension as "disputed".

Sherpa  Dawa Wangchuk (on his fourth ascent of Kangchenjunga) has indeed argued vigorously that the summit was reached, while Nurbu Sherpa stated that the group came back about an hour from the summit. Further concerns raised by the "summit picture" that show rocks, non-existent at that point.

Miss Oh has an interview with a Korean television, saying the Korean Alpine Federation had doubts about his climb from the beginning, that their decision had been made in advance and in any case it was a one-sided opinion.

Miss Hawley requested by  Desnivel website  to express her opinion, replied with following  email:

"The KAF’s decision is a serious blow to Miss Oh, and I feel very sorry for her because she sincerely believes that she was on Kangchenjunga’s summit, and she believes that because her head Sherpa, Dawa Wangchuk, said they were there.
As to who was the first woman to summit all 14 8,000ers, I have no opinion for publication. The Himalayan Database does not judge disputed cases: we only record what we are told by people with knowledge of the situation. The database is marking Miss Oh’s claim as disputed, but not as unrecognized (it has been recognized by the Corean Alpine Club, and others).
Source: Desnivel    Explorersweb