More first ascents for MacLeod - Up-Climbing

More first ascents for MacLeod

Dave MacLeod has climbed two more new routes at Seanna Mheallan, Torridon.
Kelvinator (E8 6c) according to Dave, involves some pretty unusual moves: " sort of like the move at the top of the groove on Gaia, but a fair bit harder."
The main event was Present Tense (E9 7a), a line which Dave initially thought might weigh in at a mighty E10 until he discovered two tiny runners.
"The discovery of two highly unlikely micro wires eased back the chance of a 15 metre groundfall from the crux to something noticeably under 100%"
Judging by his recent run of new routes, it would seem that MacLeod has the whole of Scotland to himself right now.. He’s currently eyeing up a new line that he thinks might warrant E11.