4th repeat of Bansousha 8B - Up-Climbing

4th repeat of Bansousha 8B

We just reported the third  repeat of Bansousha 8B, and now  Keita Kurakami has done it again on November 15.
The problem was solved by Tokio Muroi on december 2001 and graded 8C which is 5. dan in the Japanese grading system that is the highest standard  and earns you a "black belt" in climbing.
 Bansousha was repeated only 6 years later.
Nalle Hukkataival said : "Sure it’s less than vertical hence a slab, but the whole time you are climbing a really slopey arete. Having something to actually grab onto makes a huge difference in the grading versus it being just a blank face. I felt like it is a really technical 8B and hard for sure, but not an 8C."
Ogawayama is very well known climbing area,  a kind of  Camp 4 of Japanese climbing, full of beautiful granite boulders; there are also routes of up to nine pitches – rather rare in that country

source : The LowDown