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Andrada: 25 new lines up to 9a

Dani Andrada eats a lot of flavoured FAs in Alquezar.

In almost a month, Dani Andrada with a couple of friends has spent some days in Alquezar. Quite close to Barcelona, this crag is one of the most famous right now, due to a lot of hard ascents. Dani is for sure the one who developed the most Alquezar, with a lot of routes for every level. With his “mantra” Muros nuevos, vías nuevas = Motivación always clear in his mind, Dani is still on fire at age 46 thanks to the fresh routes. Here the hardest freed in the last time:

Apego del monje 8c+/9a F.A.

Vida de monje 8c F.A.

El arte de no perder el tiempo 8c F.A.

El origen del mal 8b+/8c F.A.

El origen… 8b+/8c F.A. (connection)

Sex mal 8b+/8c F.A. (connection)

Club de Noa 8c+ F.A. (connection)

Bucle de Noa 8c+ F.A. (connection)

Desafiando a Noa 8c/+

Dani Andrada is also one of the climbers with the highest number of 8a or harder routes in the world: in his career he has climbed 4500, with almost a thousand bolted on the grade. From around the 8c/9a level, Andrada counts in his palmares more than 70 lines. Maybe he is not the most successful climber ever, but his list fights with the one from Adam Ondra or Alex Megos!

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