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Arco di Trento: the Family Crag becomes reality

It will be located at Policromuro crag and will be the ideal place to climb for youngs with parents. This is the Family Crag in Arco di Trento, a new location ideal to know climbing in safety and, very important, in outdoor, with a very comfortable approach, places for families and not too high or hard routes. The Sport and Tourism Assessor Marialuisa Tavernini said that “ a particular attention for families requests have always been addressed in our Outdoor Park project. Outdoor sport has been changed during the last ten years, from “extreme” activity for Under 30 to a practice for all. So, the “active family” becomes an important target for us and the Family Crag is a fundamental step to valorize one of the most important climbing place in the world, the Policromuro wall at Massone. Climbing is a growing activity for the youngest and out city is one the most famous in all the planet.”
Next spring, the works will start. The wall is on a private area, so the Municipality will pay a €600.00 rent for year.
What climbers think about this project? Arco area is very frequented yet, from Italians and not only and generally climbing is not considered a “park activity”. Some considerations: climbing has not an owner, so everyone has the right to practice it at every level. Second, the help from Authorities to promote climbing is requested from long time and Arco is one of the most efficient example. Third, climbing is growing and this can be a perfect way to keep people on a real wall cause into the gym, the next climbers do incredible thinks on the plastic but are totally unable to do an easy route or a work with the rope or anchors in ambient. Forth, we all love to have a lot of shops in Arco, really equipment and clothing full, to find tidy and clean treks, to find a lot of restaurants, pizza’s and B&B to sleep. From where do you think all this come?

Stefano Michelin
source trentino corriere delle alpi