Ashima Shiraishi does The Swarm, 8b/+ - Up-Climbing

Ashima Shiraishi does The Swarm, 8b/+

How long do you know her name? If you see an American boulder video some years old, you can find her name yet. Ashima Shiraishi is probably the most talent wonder in the female boulder scenery. The only grade she climbs can be sufficient to do a news but added the her age, becomes something incredible.
And for a good beginning of the news year, the 13 years old Ashima did in a very short time The Swarm, a 8b/+ boulder at the Secret of the Beehive area of Buttermilks, California. This was opened by Matt Birch and has a long story of prestigious ascents: Wilder, Graham, Landman, Woods, Robinson, Jorgeson, Davis, Clifford, Diamond, Nicole, Beall, Hukkataival, Peirce, Hedrick, Pringle and now Shiraishi.
Some days before, at Bishop Ashima climbed Blood Meridian, 8b, and Baberrue, 8a+, during the same day.