Dodo Kopold new route on Annapurna South - Up-Climbing

Dodo Kopold new route on Annapurna South

Slovakian climber Dodo Kopold has climbed a new route on Annapurna South (7219m) , in solo Alpine style. He topped out following 40 straight hours of climbing, summiting alone.
He first focused  to climb Bonington Route with Martin Minarik (czek)  and Elisabeth Revol (french), but the weather conditions on Annapurna were too dangerous  for safe climbing, so Kopold decided to make his solo attempt. The route is going up  7100m to a western ridge, then traverse to the summit. The Slovak climber carried only 40 meters of rope, 8 pitons, 8 ice screws, and 10 quickdraw. His fellows Martin Minarik and Elisabeth Revol had less luck: they summited east Annapurna (8029m) but during the descent Minarik had some health serious problem and at 7000m he had to stop. Once reached the BC, Elisabeth Revol alerted the rescue Research for Martin Minarik continues.