B.A.S.E. in Himalaya - Up-Climbing

B.A.S.E. in Himalaya

 Valery Rozov, alpinist and skydiver, realized on May 25 the most complex B.A.S.E. jump insofar, by reaching first the summit of Mount Shivling (6543m) with his team mates Ruchkin e Volodin, and then jumping down in a vertiginous descent that brought him to the glacier below – at 2200 metres  – in only 90 seconds. During the descent, he touched peaks of 200km/h.
The Russian, now 47, expressed satisfaction upon completing the expedition with success. "This was my first project in HImalaya", he said. What will come next?
 In 2011, the russian skydiver had signed a first breathtaking jump from the italian side of the Mont Blanc (check the video)