Baffin Island - new big wall - Up-Climbing

Baffin Island – new big wall

Mike ‘Twid’ Turner, Stuart McAleese and Mark Thomas , three Mountain Guides based in Galles, have successfully completed their objective of making a first ascent of a major Big Wall at Sail Peaks, Baffin Island.
In a telephone call from Stuart, he explained:
“We reached the summit at 1600 hours yesterday (24th May 2010) and were down at the base of the pillar again by 0400 hours this morning.
We ran out of food and fuel while we were near the top but decided to keep on going. We’re currently trying to get the skidoo to pick us up tomorrow.
This is the most difficult, but rewarding climb any of us have ever done, and my word, are we looking forward to a few beers!”
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