Boa Vista Ultratrail 2013 - Up-Climbing

Boa Vista Ultratrail 2013

It’s set up for the 30th of November to the 1st of December the 13th edtion of Boa Vista, the international competition dedicated to all extreme adventurers: 150 km no-stop ultratrail! The trail will take place on the Island of Cap Vert, in Africa, where the desert and the ocean create a natural theatre. From an Italian idea an unusual competion is born, the Boa Vista Ultratrail which involves year by year many new adventurers. But what’s exactly the Boa Vista Ultratrail? Running under an avarage of 27° C, with a little difference in temperature between day and night at low humidity levels, on a typically desert track. All competitors have 60 hours to cover the entire track of 150 km: 40 hours to run in complete self-sufficiency, with a knapsack with a sleeping bag and food, and 24 litres of water to be used throughout the race ,distributed at the check points placed every 9 – 15 km. A good fitness training and sense of orienteering is essential, and also a good strategy, to manage it’s own strength. There are two ways to participate: one can run all alone or in a team of two (2 men, 2 women or mixed, 1 man and 1 woman), but if the attendance to the event is in couple, the two partner will have to run together, without separating. For the runners’ security, a medical equipe follows the race through a continuous radio contact with the organizers, so that they exactly know the situation during the entire race. The doctors will have the last word, this means they can stop an athlete if they believe it is necessary for his safety. An incredible and unique experience is waiting for brave adventurers, a special event that every trail running passionate cannot miss!