Magia di Calcare, Abruzzo, Italy - Up-Climbing

Magia di Calcare, Abruzzo, Italy

In Abruzzo region, Centre Italy, a new boulder area is developing and Magia di Calcare video presents the area and the work behind the preparation of boulders and the development of this area.
In 2009, a terrible earthquake destoryed this region and climbing can be a way to help recostructing using tourism.
Magia di Calcare
Starring Luca Parisse, Roberto Parisse, Roberto Valentni, Matteo Cittadini
Director of photography Luca Parisse
Editing and camera Roberto Parisse, Luca Parisse
Timelapse photography Luca Parisse
Produced by Rick4Sport, Smile&Go Outdoor
Directed by Roberto Parisse