Michele Caminati on Duvel VIDEO - Up-Climbing

Michele Caminati on Duvel VIDEO

"Once you’ve done something it’s always better not to try it again"  – Michele Caminati says –  "Opened in 2005 and given 7a+, "Duvel" is a tricky slab problem of Lagoni, tribute to both the beer and the masterpiece of Fontainebleau. From than I have never been able to repeat it… since yesterday, when all went smoothly. Maybe I was not that wrong 5 years ago…"
Lagoni is a magnificent area inside the "Parco dei cento laghi" (Hundreds Lakes Parc) in Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, not far from the town of Parma.
Here the topo of the area by Michele Caminati