Luca "Canon" Zardini sent Super Ale 8c+ - Up-Climbing

Luca “Canon” Zardini sent Super Ale 8c+

Luca Canon Zardini has done "Super Ale" 8c+, a very physical route freed by Adam Ondra and then repeated by Dino Lagni and Silvio Reffo.
Luca shortly worked the pitch the last spring and carried out the redpoint in few tries in two week ends.
In the same crag Luca Zardini has done in the last years "Progetto" one of the first 8b+of the spot, then “Federique le magnifiche” ,"Ghegoro" ,"Le dita del Guerriero” and “Ange Tode” , in 1995 with  Cristian Brenna of the famous  “Nagay” 8c, on 2005 “Mes Ami” and “Una vita Nomada” both 8c.
Source: Luca Zardini BLOG