Carlo Traversi repeats The Dagger - Up-Climbing

Carlo Traversi repeats The Dagger

“There is too much to do in Switzerland, I am overwhelmed! " – Carlo Traversi writes on his blog.

A little disappointed for not being able to do Practice of the Wild V15 (I’ve never been so close to a boulder, and not been able to finish it!), found a new project near home and after three days of attempts sent  “The dagger” 8B+ V14,  the selective bloulder of  Toni Lamprech

 For the video, however, we must wait until next year. The next project? Story Of Two Worlds sit start. Traversi has another month to stay of Switzerland and the bloc is five minutes from where he stays …

The dagger had been done  in April also by Dai Koyamada in two days of attempts.
Source Carlo Traversi blog