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Charlotte Durif 8c second attempt

Charlotte Durif has succeeded at the second attempt on "A jour peut-être" a  45 meters route evaluated 8c in Extreme Hard  Noise sector – La Balme de Yenne.

"I’m not unhappy with the outcome" – Durif writes in his blog – "is a very interesting route in the first part  with small but natural holds , it loses a bit interest in the second. However, beyond the length , is a difficult route to manage. I still prefer "Dieu m’en garde" its neighbor to the right."

La Balme de Yenne is a climbing site near Chambery in Savoy; Hard Extreme Noise is the challenging area of the cliff, with a total of 13 routes in addition to variants,  of which 10 are grade 8 and 5 between the 8b and ‘8 c. 


Source: Upclimbing Charlotte Durif

Ph. John Evans and Charlotte Durif