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Charlotte Durif super onsight

Charlotte Durif onsighted 4 pitches (8a+, 8a, 8a+ and 7c+)  of Ultime Démence, in Verdon: what is unbelievable is she did it using a 100 meters rope (she was unable to find a climbing partner) and  carrying a  large (and heavy..) amount of quickdraws.
She proposed L1+L2  roughly 8a+ and  L3+L4 roughly 8b+.

The day after, she linked (onsight of course!) the first two pitches of La Ramirole, 8a+/b and 8a in their own right. 

Last October 24, Charlotte did the FA of  Pull Over 8c+.
Born in 1990, she started very young to climb; she has done 8 routes  of 8c 8c+ (second female ascent on that grade)  
At 12, Charlotte Durif climbed  Happy birthday at Croix des têtes (17 pitches 6c obl 7c max ) and at 16 Hotel Supramonte (7a obl 8b max).
She has been European Champion lead in  2006 and World champion Youth in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007.
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