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Arenauta crags fenced and barred!

From Thursday 29th July on, local authorities – with a policy that has been described as "military" – are fencing the Arenauta beach and its crags. Very soon will be fenced as well the cave.
So far, NOBODY has gathered any clue about the actual reasons of these sudden "safety measures". No  breakdowns of the crags, nor any landslide, have happened for decades, according to the climbers and the locals.
Twelve councillors from eight different political parties have posed an urgent question, requiring written answer, on Aug 2nd, to know:
– Which are the reasons of these deeds and measures in a beach where, during the last 30 years, no landslides, breakdowns, collapses have ever happened?

– Are the local authorities aware of the fact that the aforementioned deeds could actually aim at reaching goals very different from the "safety measures", since there hasn’t been any single dangerous event involving people in the Arenauta beach and crags?
– Why such a wide area is being fenced? The fence fits neatly with the only portion of Arenauta beach which, until now, has been spared by property speculation and whose use hasn’t been  granted to any private company.

– Are the local authorities aware of the fact that the structural elements of the fence have been installed without ANY compliance with environment protection acts, stating that any kind of fence must be installed at least at a distance of five metres from the foreshore?

– Do the local authothies think that this kind of deeds and measures could be directed against the people usually attending that portion of Arenauta beach?

Help us to fight for keeping free access to these crags and to the beach,  signing our petition
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