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Cho Oyu new route: the pictures

Just published on the russian version of  the spectacular and thrilling  pictures of the Kazakh alpinist pair Denis Urubko and  Boris Dedeshko, that in May first cilmbed a new route on Cho Oyu.
There were no doubts at all about but – watching the pictures – we better understand the high technical value of the route, that the Kazakh did in a light style.
And lighter became Boris and Denis also, as they lost 10 kg during  this climb!
They remained 11 days on the wall, the gas cooker exausted, kept by 2 avalanches during the descente: referring to their state, they said that the russian expression to describe it is: "if I hold myself, the arms make the tour twice!"
We often listen about  attempts to 8000ers with the support of sherpas, oxigen and fixed ropes, so a route as the one of Denis and Boris is a kind of an extraterrestrial undertaking!
Up-climbing 15.5.2009