Christof Rauch opens another 8C boulder - Up-Climbing

Christof Rauch opens another 8C boulder

Each week sees a new high-level first ascent by Christof Rauch!


Moving now from Karnten, where last week he sent Iron Knuckles 8C, Rauch visited the West Steiermark, Austria again, and here he has climbed Styrian Delirium. The same grade proposed for Iron Knuckles, 8C, but a completely different problem: much longer (more than 30 moves), a different kind of climbing and a different rock, limestone instead of granite. Common point: the high difficulty and the hard hard work required to Christof!

Rauch appears to be in very good shape and probably new results will arrive soon. As he declared previously, an harder topout is possible for Iron Knuckles and he is very close to it. Moreover, other difficult projects are waiting him in Zillertal


Abouti Styrian Delirium, this is his comment on

“…Feels like we have some low gravity days. Felt so much stronger on those moves. Amazing progression from dreaming about climbing this whole line and eventually doing it. Honestly this is not the best line but it connects the two coolest problems in the cave, “The Unnamed Ungraded” 8B, about 15 moves, into the 19 moves of “Sound in Motion” 8B. With the little rest in between this thing climbs more like a route than a boulder. Definitely feels harder than all the other really long boulders I’ve done. All together it took me around 15 sessions.”