Christof Rauch sends another 8C… - Up-Climbing

Christof Rauch sends another 8C…

Impressive numbers for the Austrian climber in the last two years


Seventh 8C of which six between 2017 and 2018, 34 boulders of 8B+ and 98 of 8B… these are the numbers in the career of Christof Rauch, a climber worker with who few professionals can compete!

Two days ago another great exploit for the Austrian climber in the beautiful area of ​​Sustenpass: here he did the first repetition of Highlander, the connection of 8C that Martin Keller climbed after thirteen years of attempts!!!

Here are the words of Rauch about it:

“This was one of the craziest days I’ve ever had! At the beginning of the day I hurt my ankle pretty bad and couldn’t jump down on my feet. Since I felt really strong and the drive home is quite long for me I decided to still give the Highlander a few tries. Seems like low expectations are the key for me on this powerendurance-monsters! After a huge fight I managed to nab the second ascent of this masterpiece by Martin Keller. About the grade, I am not really sure, probably 8B+/C?! At the end of the day I barely could walk back to the car and my foot was really swollen, later I went to the hospital and found out that I got lucky and my tendons are just strained quite bad.”

Meanwhile, in another summer area but across the ocean, the RMNP, Nina Williams climbed her second 8B, The Shining. Let’s remember that Nina is a woman who loves to climb high and different famous highballs saw her go up where many men do not dare …

About The Shining, here are her comments:

“One punt and four sessions later, on the eve of a full moon, it happened!! All before the snow landing turned into a lake! And my shoe didn’t fall off this time. A Cinderella ending”