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Climb For Life – Give Bone Marrow

For all those climbers who want to do something good.

It is with immense pleasure that I can introduce Climb for life – Give Bone Marrow, a logo which promotes bone marrow donation aimed at the international climbing and mountaineering community. Climb For Life – Give Bone Marrow has come about thanks to the energy and enthusiasm of Giovanni Spitale, a young climber currently awaiting a bone marrow transplant.

When talking about donations one must discuss the theme on a wider level for raising awareness and creating knowledge may spur someone – hopefully the more the better – to become a bone marrow donor. The more donors there are, the bigger the chances of survival for people with life-threatening illnesses, such as Leukemia, Thalassemia, Aplastic anemia. These illnesses can only be cured with bone marrow transplants.

No one knows whether it’s due to Chernobyl, electromagnetic radiation, the general levels of pollution which surround us of the frenetic rhythm of everyday life, but unfortunately these diseases are on the rise. Unfortunately, the number of donors is decreasing worldwide, is becoming impoverished and the average age of the donors is getting older. Every one of us can contribute to invert this unjust and unjustifiable trend.

I am fully convinced that climbers and those who love the outdoors are particularly recipient to important messages such as this one. This is why Climb for Life – Give Bone Marrow sprung to life, and it is not merely a logo, it is a group of climbers worldwide who can identify themselves in this initiative and who are capable of giving something concrete, of saving lives.

Becoming a bone marrow donor is easy, painless and simple. Becoming a donor means giving a concrete hope of survival for all those awaiting a transplant. In addition, becoming aware of the fact that you are such a simple, yet great, reason for hope means improving your own quality of life. For me personally, life has more meaning now that I’ve become a donor. Because my life is worth more than just my personal self, it is potentially worth much more. Who knows how many more!

Climbers, those who love the mountains and the outdoors, let’s unite under a common flag, under a logo which for once isn’t a fashion but something sane and concrete. Become donors, become members of Climb for Life. The more there are of us, the more lives can be saved.

Climb for Life provides a little great occasion to recognise ourselves as individuals with a collective conscience, a social conscience. For a simple and concrete aim: to save someone’s life. And live a better life.

Pietro Dal Prà
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