9th club: Bana, Rauch and Welt - Up-Climbing

9th club: Bana, Rauch and Welt

Beautiful 9a ascents by Luca Bana, Christof Rauch and Moritz Welt.

Like every year, spring brings a wind of high level and climbers take the opportunity to close their accounts with their most daring projects. Still with the skin worn out by Super Circo Abusivo, Luca Bana was certainly not idle and was immediately back on the rock. In fact, at Borno he took home the second ascent of Stone War, an 8c+/ 9a route!

And if it was a quick adventure for Luca, Christof Rauch cannot say the same. In the magnificent setting of the Zillertal, the Austrian no-pro climber has climbed a magical and truly famous pitch: Walk the line. After more than eight hundred grade 8th boulders, Rauch has suffered an injury and is dedicating himself to sport climbing. This 9a is one of his best results, before him only Ondra and Schubert had been able to climb this pitch. Also, Christof pointed out that this is his longest battle with a shot, which gives the climb an extra flavor.

Moritz Welt instead made a hit and run. In just five attempts he won Esclatamaster, super classic 8c+/9a in Perles. Originally born as a full 9a, Welt joins those proposing the slight downgrade.

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