Colin Haley: Mermoz solo and Care Bear Traverse - Up-Climbing

Colin Haley: Mermoz solo and Care Bear Traverse

In March, Colin Haley has carried out a quick solo ascent of Aguja Mermoz via Argentine route (1974 600m 6a).
Here the video: " I shot the video of my last climb this year in Patagonia: a March 4th solo ascent of Aguja Mermoz, via the Argentine Route (1974, 600m, 6a). I had hiked down to town just the evening (..) but the weather was forecast to be good for one more day, so I set my alarm and hastily re-packed for a 6am departure from town" – writes Coley on his blog- "I have been told by several people that an internet video should not be longer than five minutes, so I’m sorry that this one is 12:45! I didn’t feel that I could make it any shorter than it is and still show the whole experience"
The weather in El Chalten remained poor for all of January and most of February, with only the occasional one-day mediocre window. In February, together with Rolo Garibotti, Colin has done an attempt to Aguja Kakito and the fourth ascent of Care Bear Traverse (VI 6b+ A0 – a ridge traverse of Aguja Guillaumet, Aguja Mermoz, Fitz Roy, first carried out in February 2008 by Freddie Wilkinson and  Dana "Mad Dog" Drummond).
Haley solo on Guillaumet and Poincenot
Source: Colin Haley blog   Black Diamond