Cristina Castagna lost on Broad Peak - Up-Climbing

Cristina Castagna lost on Broad Peak

Another accident on the highest mountains of the planet.
Cristina Castagna, young  Italian climber from Vicenza, died while descending after summiting Broad Peak.
Her mate Gianpaolo Casarotto was few meters behind her and saw Cristina slipping down, hit some rocks and then fall in a crevasse.
“ When I reached her, she was gone – there was nothing I could do but crying.”
At just 31 years old Cristina Castagna, nicknamed “El Grio” (cricket), had previously summited Shisha Pangma (8027 meters on 2004), GII (8035 meters  on 2005), Dhaulagiri (8167 meters on 2007) and Makalu (8463 meters on 2008).
Broad Peak was her fifth 8000 and unfortunately the last.