Daila Ojeda climbs American Hustle, 8c at Oliana - Up-Climbing

Daila Ojeda climbs American Hustle, 8c at Oliana

Daila Ojeda has returned to her highest grade by climbing American Hustle to Oliana and, after a few years, she lands again at 8c.

Daila Ojeda, 38, returns to be talked about with a performance that, although far from what the World Cup climbers have now reached almost exclusively, shows how even after years the desire to climb hard and bring at home beautiful projects act as a stimulus to pursue one’s goals.

In Oliana, Daila “returned” to the 8c arriving in the chain of American Hostel, route at the Contrafort de Rumbau which represented her winter project.

“I am super happy to have closed this project which is in a sense, a cycle that closes. I haven’t climbed here since 2013.

Climbing in Oliana again, working hard with friends and the people I love, has given me incredible sensations, also bringing me something unexpected. Wonderful! Thanks to Dan Forgeng, who closed the pitch the day before, and Jorge Díaz-Rullo who climbing Joe Mama inspired me a lot. “

In 2010, Daila landed to 8c by solving Fish Eye, right in Oliana, becoming the first woman to climb this pitch and the fourth Spanish ever. Later, Aitzol also closed in Margalef and Mind Controll, also in Oliana.

Bolted and freed by Sam Elias in 2014, American Hustle has seen various climbs including Adam Ondra‘s on sight in 2017 and Sasha DiGiulian‘s female first ascent in 2018.

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