Daniel Woods 9a FA - Up-Climbing

Daniel Woods 9a FA

Daniel Woods has made the first ascent a project next to Interstellar Overdrive in Colorado’s Clear Creek Canyon. The route is Mission Impossible. Daniel needed 6-7 days to make the first ascent, says this is his most difficult route to date and gives it 9a, though it could very well be 9a+.

The end of this crux was the nail biter for me. You have to take a half pad incut crimp with the right hand and do a long lock off with the left hand to a finger nail size crimp. You then come into a quarter pad sloping edge with the right hand and do a massive high step heel hook with the right foot on the edge next to your right hand. From here you have to rock over and mantle up doing a long lock off to a quarter pad incut edge, match this and go to a flat rail with the right hand. You then match this hold and go to a jug, clip the chains and top out. It took me 2 days just to do this mantle move and if it was too hot, I could not even hold my body weight off of these holds.
Source: 27crags – UKC