Das Bergfestival - Up-Climbing

Das Bergfestival

3rd -7th November 2010, Bressanone (Italy)
It’s an intrenational meeting which celebrates and casts a new light on the mountains in all their different facets. The mountains are just as diverse as their admires and climbers: they are both living space for people and a habitat for nature. All at the same time, they have market potential and offer individual challenges. At the festival there will be numerous international guests: expert of medicine, boulderstars, world’s best mountaineers like Niver Meroi, Denis Urubko, Simone Moro e Kurt Albert.
The programme is full of conference, films and other things, including the Boulder festival, a competition where both amateur climbers and professionals can show their talent. The Boulder Festival offers a multilateral program:  scholarprogram, Slackline World Cup, the Dyno High Jump Contest as well as boulder competitions. Fun and excitement is as important as athletic performances. The highlight of the IMS Boulder Festival will be the IMS Cup10 on Saturday.
Info at the web site Das Bergfestival.