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Dawson climbs Rainshadow after 5 years

Luke Dawson climbs Rainshadow, 9a.

Climbing is a sport that is really difficult to relate to other sports. A sprinter trains four years to run not even ten seconds in the Olympics, why shouldn’t a climber set his dream pitch for a long time?

In 2022 we are used to being immersed in a constant waterfall of 9as climbed in a few goes, on the second attempt, flash, even onsight! The French scale is open upwards, open to increasing difficulty, devoted to infinite growth, but for several years there hasn’t been a real progression, while the gap between the maximum degree reached and the time taken is narrowing more and more. On the one hand it is physiological, to go beyond a certain degree, climbing must become something truly inhumane. On the other hand we are witnessing a bit of a social phenomenon, where the climber becomes more and more athlete and less explorer. With Luke’s story, today, let’s take a break and take a dip in romance.

After five years of trying, Luke Dawson managed to repeat Rainshadow, the very classic 9a at Malham Cove. It was 2003 when, for the first time, Steve McClure climbed beyond the Raindogs chain and freed Rainshadow. Since 2003 there have not been many repetitions and this has contributed to increasing the fame of the route. It took Luke a full five years to manage to climb it, but not for lack of level or anything (he has climbed a large number of extreme pitches). He himself stated that until now, although he was close to it, he had never been able to climb it. This story reminds us of how much dedication we must have to chase a dream, proud of being obsessed with it and capable of making it come true after more than one thousand five hundred days …

From Luke Dawson’s IG page

Alessandro Palma