Flatanger, Norway VIDEO - Up-Climbing

Flatanger, Norway VIDEO

We reported that Jorg Verhoeven spent some time together with Reini Fichtinger in the Norwegian region of Flatanger, north of Trondheim, where the coastal area offers lots of granit, with some enormous caves, where he worked to a 70 meter extension of Nordic Flower, a project Laurent Laporte bolted in Hanshelleren Cave last year. Jorg suggests the grade 9a.
The cave is very special site: "I must say, I never seen anything like this place before. The Americans would come up with a ‘Next Level something’, but all I can think of is the next level of astonishment…” – writes Jorg in his blog .
 I do hope that some people will try this soon (Magnus and Dani are on their way next month), cause it’s just so damn nice. Maybe someone is even psyched to try the full route, which offers 15 meters more, with a ~8a boulder at the lip of the roof… nothing goes underneath 9b in my opinion. Other (easier) exits wait to be bolted though ;)
In the video Oystein Johnsen, Laurent Laporte & Magnus Midtboe in action in Hanshelleren Cave.