Dolomiti, ultima terra - Up-Climbing

Dolomiti, ultima terra

 The ‘Cultural Association tracks in collaboration with the CAI section of Castelfranco Veneto is the voice of the mountains, XXIII, image projection 2012
Appointment Friday, November 16 for "Dolomites last land" conference and pictures Vittorino Mason (author of the footsteps of pioneers and chamois, ed. Versante Sud).
At the Centro Don Ernesto Bordignon, by Bassano, 16 – Castelfranco Veneto Free admission – Top projections at 20:45
The mountaineer and writer of Castelfranco Veneto present a work of images, music and words that draws attention to the value and the deep sense which today go to the mountains for those who live in the city buried under asphalt and concrete. 

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