Dreamtime also for Clément Lechaptois! - Up-Climbing

Dreamtime also for Clément Lechaptois!

A flash news that bring us again in Ticino!


Every day news of some great ascent come from the famous Swiss granite!

On the night of Saturday 11th January it was the turn of the strong french climber Clément Lechaptois to climb the symbol of modern bouldering: Dreamtime 8B/C!

Clément enters the list of climbers of Fred Nicole’s famous boulder problem in Cresciano and here’s what he tells us about it on his Instagram page:

“Glad that I was able to climb this masterpiece saturday night. I had a kind of perfect flow while climbing this thing first try from the ground that day. Incredible feeling to mantle the lip in the complete dark and quietness of Cresciano…”


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