Two new ice routes in Glen Coe - Scotland - Up-Climbing

Two new ice routes in Glen Coe – Scotland

Scottish climber Dave McLeod has done two new lines in Glen Coe – Aonach Eagach side, Scotland.
The first, together with Donald King, is Liquidation VI,6, the second Frozen Assets VII,7 is on the right of Liquidation and was climbed the day after with Sam Wood.
Dave McLeod writes on his blog about Frozen Assets: "I went back to the the Coe with Sam Wood to revisit the crag right of the Slit where I’d done the brilliant new ice route with Donald the day before (Liquidation VI,6). Our goal was to climb the rather steeper and thinner series of dribbles, pencils and hanging fangs to the right of that route. (.. )The icicles looked scarily detached from the rock behind, and I although I was pretty confident I could climb between them, the big issue would be the entire thing becoming airborne with me attached. Just enough protection appeared at the last minute to keep me probing upwards with a gentle touch on the booming ice dribbles. It proved to be an absorbing hour or two and a memorable new route."
Source: DaveMcleod blog; UKC