Manitua -Grandes Jorasses Two ascents - Up-Climbing

Manitua -Grandes Jorasses Two ascents

Two different teams –  one composed by French climbers Titi Gentet and Stéphane Roguet, the other by French Hélias Millerioux  and Spanish Ferran Martinez – carried out this summer the ascent of the famous route Manitua on Eperon Croz (4110m) –  Grandes Jorasses North face. 

The route was solo first ascended by talented Slovenian Slavko Svetičič on 1991: 6c, A3+  1100 m.
On March 6\19 2010, Sebastien Bohin, Sebastien Ratel  and Cédric Perillat (GHM – Group Haute Montagne) carried out the third winter ascent of the route.
Titi Gentet did an attempt to free the aid pitch (A3) and found a possible solution traversing on the left merging to the last pitch of Bubu Bole route, Le Nez. It was an attempt, very near to succeed – reports Stéphane Roguet.
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