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Great Drew Ruana! Fourth ascent of Sleepwalker!

The young American becomes one of the very few in the world to have climbed an 8C+ boulder!

Sleepwalker: one of the most recent 8C+ lines, but that has immediately become a myth! Sent by Jimmy Webb one year ago, it had then seen the ascent of two other boulder legends: Daniel Woods and Nalle Hukkataival.

After this trio, the fourth ascentionist of this exceptional boulder problem in Red Rocks was still expected… and yesterday the answer: Drew Ruana!

Ruana is still young but he is known already since a few years: in 2014, just fourteen years old, he climbed the legendary Just do; in 2016 his first 9a, Assassin, and boulders up to 8B+. In recent weeks, we have seen him in great shape at Red Rocks, where he has repeated both Squoze and Trieste, both 8Cs and now, here is the great leap that projects him to the top of the world!

A dream for him, as he writes in his Instagram post:

“Sometimes dreams come true, and this is a dream I’m never waking up from”

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