Eiger: Stephan Siegrist redpointed Magic Mushroom 7c+ - Up-Climbing

Eiger: Stephan Siegrist redpointed Magic Mushroom 7c+

The swiss climber Stephan Siegrist did the first redpoint ascent of the highly demanding Magic Mushroom (established by Cristoph Heinz and Roger Schäli on 2007) than he jumped 1.000 meters into the void.
The route, 21 pitches long, runs on the western section of the Eiger North wall and ends up on top of the mushroom shaped rock (3219 meters) that inspired the name to the first climbers.
Siegrist climbed together with Ralph Weber and Thomas Theurillat, spent a night in the portaledge and completed the first successfull redpoint ascent the day after.
Stephan graded the route 7c+. His performance ended on a BASE jump of 1000 meters. After the death of his good friend Xavier Bongart during a BASE jump, such  a performance became for him a kind of taboo – Siegrist said.
The successfull redpoint ascent and the jump from Eiger were the fullfill of a long time dream.
Source: stephan-siegrist.ch