Empath for Pringles, Herson and Takahashi - Up-Climbing

Empath for Pringles, Herson and Takahashi

Ethan Pringles, Connor Herson and Kenaan Takahashi climb Empath, 9a/9a+.

Empath is for sure a well known ruote, famous, beautiful and really climbed. IN the end of 2020 Carlo Traversi established Empath, a line bolted by him but discovered by Jimmy Webb in the lake Tahoe area, given like a present. The story behind this line is curious and full of inspiration and friendship, something really special. After Carlo, Jimmy, Coleman and Woods have climbed the route, saying that it is absolutely amazing.

In the end of the 2021 spring, the route saw other three ascents, by strong and famous climbers: Ethan Pringles, Connor Herson and Kenaan Takahashi. Ethan is a living legend of extreme difficulty. The battle vs the route has been anyway tough, with also a small “accident”. For the first time, he has tried to jam and the ascent has been done with this new method, copied also by Herson. About the grade, he says that it cpuld be a little bit easier, thanks to the jam method.

Keenan Takahashi, half american and half japanese, confirms the good shape with this climbing. During the last year, he has sent a lot of hard boulders up to 8B+ and 9a routes, like Coup de Grace in Switzerland. His latest post is something of really interesting and introspective, something really different from the normal grades and climbs.

Connor Herson is the younger, still 17 years old but destined to big things. At age of 14 he climbed an 8c+ in just two attempts, at age 15 he has climbed the Nose e also in the competitions he has achieved brilliant results. Despite Pringle, Connor has climbed Empath without using tape or crack gloves.

From Athletes’ IG page and WoGu