Eneko Pou climbs Perestroika, first 8c - Up-Climbing

Eneko Pou climbs Perestroika, first 8c

“That famous phrase spoken by Lionel Terray comes to mind when he defined all of us as being “conquistadors of the useless"; so Eneko Pou announced after the ascent in Mallorca of Perestroika, his first 8c, occurred at 40 years old.
“For the first time in my life, I followed a specific training for sport climbing, a targeted diet, did not drink beer and focused all my attentions to this project”. For this performance, Eneko changed a lot his way to live climbing and his training. All this for only one route.
“Is it worth it that a person with my mountain philosophy should sacrifice so much for 20 metres of climbing? I still haven’t an answer”
Pou Borthers are the most polyvalent climbing team. Iker is the specialist of rock climbing and Eneko the leader on ice and mixed. In this occasion, Eneko became infected by virus of great performance of sport climbing. An answer, it’s real, about the reasons why a climber does a 2 meters long boulder or 1000 meters long wall there are not. Or, maybe, it is in that sensation you feel when “close” your project. Whatever it is.