Enzo Oddo (14) send a new 8c+ - Up-Climbing

Enzo Oddo (14) send a new 8c+

Not only Ondra: the 14 year old Enzo Oddo fron Nice (France) has sent Dures Limites, 8c, and Dave Graham’s Ba ba black sheep, 8c+, at Céuse, France.
 He also did the FA of EnZobble Connexion, 8c+, at Jurassic Park (Gorges du Loup), close to Nice.
This route is a variation of Zobble, 8c/+, going left towards the end on Nounours à la Disco… and PsychoPat, avoiding the sica at the end of Zobble. This new combo weighs in around 8c+.
Not bad for a teen!