European Championships 2010: a 22' videoreport - Up-Climbing

European Championships 2010: a 22′ videoreport

Udo Neumann (Udini) has just published his very interesting 22′ videoreport on European 2010 climbing and bouldering championships.
"Needed a bit of time in the making, but should be interesting for in-depth movement analysis" writes here Udo.
 Results Lead M
1) Ramon Julian (Spain)
2) Adam Ondra (Chech Republic)
3) Jakob Schubert (Au)
Results Lead W 
1) Angela Eiter (Austria)
2) Johanna Ernst (Austria)
3)  Alizée Dufraisse (France)
 Bouldering  M
1) Cédric Lachat (Switzerland)
2) Adam Ondra (Cech Republic)
3) Kilian Fishhuber (Austria)
Bouldering W
 1) Anna Stohr (Austria)
2) Juliane Wurm (Germany)
3) Olga Shalagina (Ukr)
Source : Udini