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Fabio Giacomelli dies in an avalanche

Bad news from Argentina: the first day of 2010, Italian mountaineer  Fabio Giacomelli died in an avalanche at the base of Cerro Torre.
The body was found by Elio Orlandi after 3 days research. The duo was working at a new line that they started last year; they arrived at 200 m from the summit, where they were forced to retire in reason of the very bad weather.
Fabio Giacomelli was born in Trento in 1958, from a mountaineers’s family: his brother Gigi, talented climber, died 30 years ago during a solo ascent in Brenta, his brother Franco is an alpine guide and the youngest – Giorgio – is a passionate climber.
Fabio did not like the media system and preferred not to talk about his ascents; he started his brilliant activity  in 1975 and had  been climbing everywhere in the world, having established many new routes in Dolomites and Sarca Valley.