Favresse team goes Greenland - Up-Climbing

Favresse team goes Greenland

The team of Nico Favresse, Olivier Favresse, Sean Villanueva and Ben Ditto is leaving for a 3 months trip to Greenland: the project is to climb virgin wall on the fjords of the west coast.
Greenland 2010  Nico Favresse

"That’s it! I am super psyched to announce you that I’ll be going to Greenland this summer. This time, no more long walking (last expedition in Baffin Island we walked a total of more than 600km) we will go there by sailboat in order to approach some remote Virgin big walls located in the middle of the west coast of Greenland (basically in front of Baffin Island).
 According to our sources there should be a huge amount of unclimbed walls in this area. The sailboat will be our base camp/music studio and way to travel and explore. This time the adventure will not only be the climbing but also the sailing since we will have to sail trough the icebergs and across the Atlantic between Greenland and Europe.
It’s our taste for adventures and our motivation to do some expedition with less ecological impact and more by fair means that lead us to the idea to do a climbing expedition where our way of transportation would be a sail boat. With a bit of research, Greenland seemed the perfect destination for this adventure.
I started my research through my contacts and I was introduced to Bob Shepton. Bob has sailed all over the world and has brought many climbing expedition on his sailboat to explore virgin areas in the arctic. He knows very well all the west coast of Greenland and all its Fjords. He was awarded a few trophies for his exploration with his boat including the Tilman medal.
As soon as I contacted him, he send me some pictures of some world class virgin big walls that rises straight up from the ocean and offered to bring us there with his sailboat. Even though I had other plans for this summer, his proposition was way too good to refuse and a unique opportunity we couldn’t miss.
Due to the limited size of the boat (about 10 m) and our large amount of music instruments only a team of 4 can join Bob on his boat. As usual Sean Villanueva and my bother Olivier will be part of the expedition. Also Ben Ditto, very talented climber and pro photographer will join us. Maybe you remember, he climbed with us in Patagonia making the first free ascent of the south African route in Torres del Paine. The duration of the expedition will be of approximately 3 months from mid-june to mid-September.

Stay tuned on www.xpedition.be for the music and climbing progress of this expedition."
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