Federica Mingolla, soon in Pakistan with Ragni di Lecco - Up-Climbing

Federica Mingolla, soon in Pakistan with Ragni di Lecco

In the next days, Federica Mingolla will leave for a new expedition, this time out of Europe. With Ragni di Lecco Luca Schiera and Simone Pedeferri in fact, she’ll visit Pakistan at Kondus Valley and in mind the three have some new routes.

“It’s first time I go to Pakistan and I’m very happy. This was a Luca idea that last winter propose to me and Simone to open new routes in Kondus Valley. We obtain permissions recente! In fact during Melloblocco (in May), we were thinking to a new programm but at the end all worked out for the best.
We have not a program exactly. We’ll arrive to the valley and first we hope to find it open! In fact, it might happen that for a reason the access will denied despite our permissions. This occorre to Mathieu Maynadier in the past that found a military exercises in this place but we are not concerned cause there are a lot of granite towers in adjacent valleys. My unique trouble is the quote. We’ll have base camp at 4000 meters and we should not get up over 5000 I think. I never climbed at that altitude but I know that Luca and Simone and unbelievable alpinists with great experience. I’ll remain one month, till end of July. It seems a lot of time but it’s very short. I’m happy also to climb in three cause for me is the best solution to open something new. I used this solution in Morocco and was very funzional.”