"Feingold" WI 6/M by Leichtfried and Purner - Up-Climbing

“Feingold” WI 6/M by Leichtfried and Purner

"We must not break the tradition" – said Albert Leichtfried – and so, as in the last two years, began the season of ice together with Benni Purner, with a (likely) first ascent.
In early December, he noted in Nößlach in Ötztal, Austria, an ice line that had never before seen in the area and returned with Purner to climb it, even if a bit worried that the strong Foehn could have damaged the ice fall.
Instead – pleasant surprise – the waterfall had survived the hot wind and the result was a great adventure and  three spectacular pitches. The line – called "Feingold" or "Pure Gold" –  is 120 m long, with difficulty WI6 / M.
After a thorough search, Leichtfreid found, however, that the icefall had already been formed in the past: the dangling fringe was welded to the base to form a free-standing and the icefall has been already climbed and  called "Das Gelbe vom Ei" (The yolk of egg).
"It’ll mean that our version is the one for  seasons poor  of ice" – Albert Leichtfried concludes.
Source and Photo: Albert Leichtfried site Benni Purner site
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