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Fernanda Maciel, speed ascent of Kilimanjaro

The video that shows Fernanda Maciel, the athlete of The North Face team that has made an incredible ascest to the highest peak of Africa entering into history.

How does it feel to follow your dreams? Fernanda Maciel knows it very well! In September 2017, the ultrarunner of The North Face team was in Tanzania with the goal of reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro in the fastest possible time … and has accomplished her mission! Not only has set a new record, but she beat the previous one by as much as 2 hours and 52 minutes!

The way taken was extremely difficult: 5,895 meters of ascent with frequent rock avalanches. Despite the race at very high altitudes, the great tiredness and the fact of having suffered injuries during the ascent, Fernanda reached with a beaming smile the summit of Africa’s highest mountain in 7 hours and 8 minutes. The ascent took a total of 10 hours and 6 minutes, with which Fernanda really left an indelible mark in the history of outdoor sports.

Commenting on her business, Fernanda said: “I am very happy, I have long dreamed of conquering this peak and today I finally had the opportunity, setting a new high-altitude world record after that of Aconcagua. I greatly appreciated this mountain and the spirit that animates it, as well as that of the incredible people who live in this land! As a Brazilian, I love dancing and singing and they have my same passions!