Finale for Nepal - Up-Climbing

Finale for Nepal

Chiostri di Santa Caterina
September, Saturday 18th 2010
The project has been born thanks to the friendship and the collaboration between Carlo Mamberto and Marco "Thomas" Tomassini.
Carlo has a long experience in Nepal, where he got in touch with Kishor, a climber from Kathmandu who has equipped routes and established a climbing school for young people.
Marco, climber and fond of caving, is a very fine conoisseur of Finale area: he has spent more than twenty years equippind routes on the crags of Finale.
The programme aims at raising funds for equipping new routes, as a mean to increase sustainable tourism and promote climbing besides many other economic activities already established in Nepal.
Finale for Nepal
aims at creating, through the development of sport climbing, an improvement in local micro-economy

The event will feature, amongst many things:

– Climbing contest
– Slack-line
– Broadcasting of clips about the history of climbing in Finale

– Broadcasting of movies about Nepal

– Meeting with Alessandro Grillo, writer of the first climbing guidebook of Finale
– Meeting with Luciano Pizzoni, director of climbing school of CAI FInale
– Meeting with Kishor, founder of Kathmandu climbing school
– Realization of Mandala by Tibet monks