British flash news from Margalef - Up-Climbing

British flash news from Margalef

Great ascents for Bolger and Martin in Margalef, Spain.

The Italian team composed by Zanone, Bassotto and Caprioglionis not the only that has crushed hard in Margalef. A lot of other climbers are climbing there. The false Spanish Tom Bolger is literally on fire. After crushing a lot of hard lines, with some FAs, he has put his attention on Wild Público. Freed by Megos and quickly repeated by Flohe, Wild Público Is already a great classic 9a route of Espadellas, despite its “young age”. The Tom’s ascent is the third and it is the last one of a great list including Mr Big (FA) and Gancho Perfecto.

Always in Megalef, the British climber Buster Martin, has climbed El Potro, a well known route it Italy due to the action by Marco Zanone. Freed by Mr Adam Ondra, El Potro is one of the latest 9a there. Marco said already that it seems easy for the grade, but without saying anything more, while Buster proposes a downgrade to 8c+. And, actually, also Adam said “not one of the hardest”. El Potro is in Laboratori and the Martin’s ascent is the fourth, after Ondra, Megos and Zanone. With his climbing on First Ley some years ago, Martin has become the second British climber to send a 9a+, after Steve McClure.

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