François Nicole redpoints Amazonie 9a - Up-Climbing

François Nicole redpoints Amazonie 9a

François Nicole (brother of the younger Fred, the first on the world to climb a boulder of 8B 8B+ and 8C) succeeded in his old project, Amazonie 9a, in limestone crag of Saint Triphon-Vaud (CH).
This the third 9a for François (42) after Bain de Sang (9a/9a+ in 1993) and Bimbaluna (FA in 2004) both in Saint Loup.
François Nicole climbs at high level since many years: 22 years ago his repeat of the well known Toît d’Auguste of Patrick Berhault at La Turbie-Nice.
The pictures of François Nicole during the redpoints attempts were made by Fred Moix  and published by Climbing magazine early this year.
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Source: The LowDown