Michele Fait and Fredrik Ericsson planning K2 on ski - Up-Climbing

Michele Fait and Fredrik Ericsson planning K2 on ski

Michele Fait and Fredrik Ericsson left few days ago to Pakistan, aiming to climb K2, 8611meters, in alpine style, following the1986 route of Tomo Cesen and then descent on the same itinerary on ski.

As a "warming up" to their strenuous challenge and to acclimatise, they plan to climb (and descent) the aesthetic Laila Peak 6.096 meters and its 1500 meters slope at 50° on NW wall.
Last may. Fait performed the first descente on ski of the Lammer route at Ortles on Central Alps. On 2007 he tried already the K2 descente, but he had to stop at 300 meters from the summit in reason of bad weather.
Ericsson is planning to ski down from the 3 highest peaks of the planet and did two attempt on Kangchenjunga.
It is just arrived the new that the two alpinist did not get from Pakistan authorities the permission to climb Laila Peak, so they must change the originary plan.
Source: michele fait