Gabri Moroni from Margalef to Chironico - Up-Climbing

Gabri Moroni from Margalef to Chironico

Short trip in Margalef (Spain) by Italian climber  Gabri Moroni and quick repeat (3 tries) of Aitzol, in Racò de la finestra sector, an 8c route that Gabri found "soft".
The  route was opened by Andoni Perez, is 25m long and  was recently done by Daila Ojeda and Helena Aleman.
Then Chironico (Switzerland ), where Moroni did Crack Line 8B, a boulder opened by  Markus Windisch and repeated last june also by Adam Ondra.
In the videos two others  7C by Moroni: Made in Ticino and  SlimLine.
Source : Gabri Moroni blog  Video by Giotv7